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Ag-n-Chat for Rural Women

Ag-n-Chat is a group just for rural women. It’s an informal + fun way to meet other rural women in your area. Each Ag-n-Chat gathering is a chance to learn more about life on the land & hear from other inspirational rural women. How did it start? Ag-n-Chat started in the southern part of NSW around Wagga Wagga with a small group of rural women. The concept cottoned-on ...

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Bannockburn Landcare Group

Bannocburn Landcare Group is one of the longest running Landcare Groups in our area.  Bannockburn members enjoy regular meetings where previous, current and future projects are discused and include a a BBQ dinner and an assortment of beautifully prepared side dishes and desserts made by their members. Anyone can join Bannockburn Landcare Group at a cost of $35/year per family or in ...

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Friends of Northey Park

Northey Park is an 8 hectare park situated on the Macintyre River in Inverell. The park has been a focal point for Landcare activities since rehabilitation commenced in 2007. Gwymac Fact   Over 200 volunteers have provided hands on help with Northey Park since the project commenced. Volunteers have range from 5 years of age th ...

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Friends of Ross Hill Reserve

Friends of Ross Hill Reserve is a group dedicated to the ongoing care + stewardship of a precious local woodland. This involves volunteer days at the site + various hands-on activities.You can donate yourself to Ross Hill Reserve by being involved with our activities. Contact GWYMAC Landcare to find out more. Ross Hill Reserve is a public woodland located in Inverell, bordering Ja ...

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Inverell Community Gardens

To all....... the garden is open most Saturday mornings between 9am and 11am for those who are interested and available to lend hand.  Everyone is welcome to come on down and have a look around. To lease your own plot: Annual membership = $25/individual, $30/family, $20 conc ...

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Kings Plains Landcare Group

Kings Plains Landcare Group are currently undetaking a Community Action Grant Project for the contro of Chilean Needle Grass in the area.  Through this project they have been able to purchase a QuickSpray Unit and have hosted a Weeds Field Day.  Other events over the last year have included a YAPS (young farmer) event, rabbit control project, and Ag-n-Chat for rural women. ...

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Macintyre Development Unit (MDU)

MDU 2000 was established in 1974 by Jack Black and Max Woods, two men with a vision for the future. They believed in the catchment principle – that to manage our natural resources appropriately we should acknowledge and work with natural boundaries, rather than the artificial boundaries created by governments. The primary aim of ...

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Ninawalli - Ashford Urban Landcare Group

This group are passionate about preserving environmental and cultural sites in the area, in particular along the Ashford -Emmaville TSR where there is a large stand of Grass Trees, beautiful wildflowers and important cultrual sites. ...

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Nullamanna Landcare Group

Currently undertaking a re-vegetation project in the area.  The Nullamanna community regularly hold social evenings at the Nullamanna Hall.  A very strong community who are passionate about Agriculture and Landcare.  Nullamanna Landcare Group member David Worsley is one of the newest additions to the Gwymac Inc. Committee. ...

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Small Farms Group

Established in 2009, the Small Farms Group has steadily grown in membership.   Aims of the Group Bring together landholders from hobby farms and lifestyle blocks. Provide an opportunity for landholders on small blocks to share information and learn more about managing their property in a sustainable way. ...

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South West Inverell Landcare Group

South West Inverell Landcare Group has recently completed a project with Caring for our Country's Community Action Grants program which saw 5 landholders in the area undertake African Love Grass control demonstration trials, along with some rabbit control.  A field day was hosted where results were shared, and LHPA vet attended to talk about rabbit control options. ...

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Swan Vale Landcare group


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Wedgetail Landcare Group

Our most recently formed Landcare Group -  Like minded people idealogically based rather than geographically based.  .... stay tuned for more information! ...

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YAPS (Young Agricultural Professionals)

This group formed via funding received from Caring for our Country's Community Action Grant project dubbed “Farmer Wants a Life” was designed to encourage and support young farmers (under 45) and their families to come together and network - “Farmers talking to Farmers”. The group aims to encourage more young farmers to become involved with Landcare, showcase “best ...

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Yetman Landcare Group

Recently re-invigorated Landcare Group.  Hoping to tackle Invasive Native Species Mimosa Bush plus erosion in the near future. ...

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Trees on Small Farms

New funding is available for Trees on Small Farms a partnership project with Local Land Services Northern Tablelands Funding is allocated to landhold...

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