• The Gwydir and Macintyre Resources Management Committee.
  • Your local Landcare office.
  • A non-profit, community owned organisation.
  • A free service to the community, run by a volunteer committee.

What we do

  • Identify funding for landholders and community groups.
  • Conduct field days, bus trips and workshops.
  • Prepare funding applications.
  • Implement Landcare projects across 40,000 square kilometres.
  • Service the communities of Inverell, Delungra, Ashford, Yetman, Tingha, Bundarra, Bonshaw and all areas in between.
  • Coordinate Landcare groups across the Macintyre and Gwydir catchments.
  • Access expert advice for landholders.

Our Goal

  • To develop a healthy ecosystem that will sustain the future needs of our community.
  • To educate landholders on sustainable land management and encourage the uptake of these practices.

About Landcare

Landcare groups bring together landholders with a common interest or issues. Usually, these landholders live in the same catchment, however nowadays, the Landcare concept has now extended to include lifestyle groups, urban groups, schools as well as rural landholders.

In the twenty years since it was formed, Landcare has become an ethic, whereby land managers work to protect or improve the land for the future. 

Landcare groups in Australia are supported by Landcare Australia as a national body, and also in NSW by Landcare NSW Incorporated.

The range of activities now included within Landcare programs has expanded to include research that measures effectiveness of previous activities, fencing out stock so that vegetation can regrow, weed removal, creating windbreaks for livestock protection, tackling soil erosion and improving soil health.

Please see our Constitution below