Native Bee workshop a great day out

16th Oct 2016

Matthew Middleton from Beezotted delivered a fantastic workshop held at the community gardens on Sunday.  ... more details

Another great project

24th Jun 2016

18 months ago South West Inverell Landcare Group members applied for funding to protect a tributary of Myall Creek by fencing it out and providing altnerative watering points for livestock.  This project was successfully funded by the Australian... more details

Shade, Shelter & Sanctuary

23rd Jun 2016

We are happy to report that 3 properties within the Bukkulla area have been busy over the past 12 months preparing ground, erecting fences, controlling weeds, and planting 2,500 trees on previously cultivated land. This project was request... more details

Weeds Away at Nullamanna

20th Apr 2016

As part of the 25th Anniversary of Landcare in 2015, the Nullamanna Landcare Group worked with Gwymac to submit an application for funding to control weeds on both the TSR at Nullamanna as well as on private property within the district.  The Nu... more details

Biodiversity Fund - Progress Report Card

20th Apr 2016

We are fast approaching the final year of one of the Australian Government’s 6 year long Biodiversity Fund Projects which has been based in the Macintyre Catchment around Inverell.  While government funded projects do not normally span mor... more details

Hands-on biology for local farmers

16th Mar 2016

Gwymac Landcare recently hosted a “3-day Bio-fert” course near Wallangra delivered by Regenerative Farming advocate and trainer Kym Kruse of RegenAG.   Third Generation farmer Steve Hunt who runs EU accredited Angus breeders on 12... more details

Managing Soils on "The Go"

18th Feb 2016

The presentations at the field day to be held at Glen Orton, “The GO” Coolatai on Thursday 18 February will cover all aspects of soil health.  Judi Earl has been using cattle grazing management to improve land condition and productio... more details

Taking Horses to the Show?.... You need a PIC!

11th Feb 2016

  It’s show time across much of the Northern Tablelands and if you’re taking a horse off to the local show, you will need a Property Identification Code or PIC. "The aim of the PIC system is to help trace back the source and conta... more details

Earth Hour 8:30pm Saturday, March 19, 2016

11th Feb 2016

ecovoice | February 9, 2016 | In 2016, Earth Hour in Australia will celebrate the places we love that make our holidays, outdoor lifestyle and the Aussie way of life so great: our breathtaking beaches, forests, reefs, national parks, snow cappe... more details