Farmer Wants a Life

2nd Sep 2017

Funding received from Caring for our Country’s Community Action Grants Program saw the Launch of Young Agricultural Professional (YAPS) in 2011.This project dubbed “Farmer Wants a Life” was designed to encourage and support young fa... more details

Kings Plains Chilean Needle Grass Project

1st Sep 2017

Chilean Needle Grass listed as a Weed of National Significance (WONS) is a threat to native grasslands and biodiversity.  In additions a lack of awareness of the species and how it is spread has lead to increased infestations on agricultural lan... more details

Healthy Farms Healthy Gwydir

31st Aug 2017

Gwymac is currently undertaking this project in the Upper Gwydir area around Bundarra.  This 18 month project commenced in January 2012.  Funds for the project have been secured by Gwymac Inc. through the Australian Government's Caring for ... more details

Severn River Health Project

30th Aug 2017

GLENRAC & Gwymac Landcare have launched this project in the Severn River catchment. This 18-month project commenced in January 2012 through funding from the Australian Government's Caring for our Country program. An independent River Reach Pla... more details

Biodiversity Fund Revegetation Project

29th Aug 2017

Clean Energy Futures Biodiversity Fund has approved a project submitted to the value of $346,600.00 which will see revegetation, pest control and weed control in the Macintyre catchment over 6 years.   If you are interested in tree planting ov... more details

Northey Park, Inverell

28th Aug 2017

Northey Park is an 8 hectare park situated on the Macintyre River in Inverell. The park has been a focal point for Landcare activities since rehabilitation commenced in 2007. Gwymac Fact   Over 200 volunteers have provided hands on help with ... more details

Trees on Small Farms

24th Jul 2017

New funding is available for Trees on Small Farms a partnership project with Local Land Services Northern Tablelands Funding is allocated to landholders of land between 10 and 200 hectares Contact Kylie at the Gywmac office for details and applicat... more details