Another great project

24th Jun 2016

18 months ago South West Inverell Landcare Group members applied for funding to protect a tributary of Myall Creek by fencing it out and providing altnerative watering points for livestock.  This project was successfully funded by the Australian Governments 25th Anniversary Landcare Grants program.

The project has seen 5km of fence errected to protect a tributary of Myall Creek where 6 alternative watering points were installed to provide off-stream water for livestock.  This project is also protecting a Threatened Ecologocal Community of White Box-Yellow Box-Blakely's Red Gum Grassy Woodland.  It will help to reduce erosion within the water course as well as nutrient from grazing livestock entering the system.  There have also been koala's spotted in the area!

Allowing natural regeneration of stream banks and remnant vegetation.  This project has seen a large number of pest animals managed over 3800 ha, including pigs, foxes, goats and rabbits.

South West Inverell Landcare Group get together a couple of times a year to discuss potential projects and catch up with neighbours.  They are a very social bunch who welcome new members at all events and meetings.  If you would like to get involved - contact the Gwymac Landcare office on 67211 241.

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