Australian Biological Farming Conference

9th Nov 2018

Media Release

The current dry or drought conditions across most of the country have encouraged many graziers to rethink their practices and approach  to land management.

Thats according to Dr Judi Earl, one of the speakers at the upcoming Australian Biological Farming Conference next month and a grazier herself in the New England region of NSW.

"The movement toward regenerative agriculture is gaining momentum, not least due to the many examples now being provided by graziers who have successfully applied biological principles to their farming practice and used livestock to improve land condition". Dr Earl said.

Dr Earl believes that maintaining Maximum groundcover, building soil carbon and enhancing soil biology improves water use efficiency of soils and enables better, more efficient use of limited rainfall.

"Understanding natural processes and working with nature allows you to build resilience in your land and increawe the productive capacity of pastures and rangeland in dry times."

The Australian Biological farming conference is being held on the Gold Coast campus of Southern Cross University 9-12 November

The Conference has 29 speakers including the Executive Director of the Rodale Institute in the US, Mr Jeff Moyer, who is a world-renowned authority in organic agriculture  with expertise in organic crop production systems, weed management, cover crops, crop rotations, equipment modification and use, and facilities design.

The speakers topics cover weed management, compost production, improving soil fertility, no till management, crop agronomy, transitioning to biological farming practices, integrated pest management, and enhancing farm biodiversity.

Many of them are farmers themselves presenting their own case studies in agriculture and horticulture from fruit and nut orchards, intensive vegetable production, sugar cane, vineyards, pasture for stock and broad-acre cropping.

Conference organisers, SoilCare, says farmers want to know more about biological farming but access to knowledge and information has been difficult in Australia, hence the third conference of its kind in as many years.

Registrations are open online and the conference fee is only $440.  The full program , more information and registration form can be found at the conference website:

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