Breakfast with the Birds

9th Sep 2013

Gwymac Landcare hosted “Breakfast with the Birds” last week at Ross Hill Reserve as part of Landcare Week Celebrations.

Ross Hill Reserve is a Landcare initiated project located behind the parkland on the corner of Butler Street and Lindsay Avenue in Inverell.  The morning included an informative walk after breakfast with Bert and Janet Makepeace of Inverell Bird Watchers.

            “About 20 different species (of bird) were seen in and around the reserve, which is quite good” said Janet

“The highlight was a White Throated Gerygone (White Throated Warbler) who delighted us with his close views and beautiful song.  The new paths made it much easier to negotiate through the trees and we discovered a nesting Musk Lorikeet in a hollow beside the path” she said.

“The group then undertook plantings at the reserve including: White Box, Red Gum, Lomandra and Dianella which in the future will increase and improve the habitat for local species now that many of the woody weeds have been removed” said Landcare Coordinator Sarah Priest.

“The reserve looks amazing, the change is quite dramatic, and the area has been in use quite a lot already by local residents, though paths were only laid 2 weeks ago.  The remaining paths will be completed over the next couple of weeks” She said.

Gwymac would like to thank BEST Employment for erecting the fence, removing the weeds, installing nest boxes, and mapping the path.  They would also like to thank the Rotary Club of Inverell and Inverell Shire Council for installing the signs at the Reserve.

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