Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebates Available

13th Jan 2015

The NSW Government has announced $20 million in additional support for farmers to establish permanent water infrastructure to assist with the immediate water supply needs and long-term risk mitigation for the farm enterprise. 

The Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate (EWIR) scheme aims to help severely drought affected livestock producers install on-farm water infrastructure such as pipelines, bores, tanks and troughs.

The availability of rebates is subject to funds being available. No rebates will be offered beyond the allocated funding of $20 million. The scheme will close on 30 June 2015 or when the funding allocation is exhausted.

Rebate Amount

The rebate is 50 per cent of the cost of purchase, delivery and if applicable, the labour cost to engage a person to install water infrastructure installed for animal welfare needs.  The maximum that can be claimed is $20,000 per farm enterprise.  The maximum amount includes any rebate already received under this program since November 2013.

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