Finding & Embracing your 'You-ness'

16th Sep 2014

Do you really accept who you are? Would you like to?
You are doing all the ‘right’ things.  You work hard, you prioritise the family, you do your job or you keep your business or partnership running. You pay the mortgage and you try to eat right and exercise.  But does it get you what you want?  Does it ever seem enough?  Maybe you have a nagging feeling and a nagging voice that doesn’t stop.  And a missing link you can’t quite seem to define and a desire for more that you can’t quite put your finger on.  LUCKY You!
We are hosting a FREE 1 hour webinar it’s called – The Rural Women’s Guide to Self-Acceptance – finding and embracing your YOUness!

12noon Tuesday 30th September.
Go to the link below to find out more and to register your details and secure your seat (only 100 available)!