Fun and Fur at Ross Hill Reserve

23rd Apr 2013

Gwymac Landcare hosted a joint Enviro Day with Ross Hill School last week with funding from the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country Community Action Grants program.

The morning saw 78 students from Year 3 plus teachers and presenters descend on the park fronting the Reserve to experience and learn about a plethora of environmental topics.

It was a jam-packed morning and included; Discussion on the importance of the Reserve (an endangered ecological community – Box Gum Grassy Woodland); Cultural Heritage with Border-Rivers Gwydir Catchment Management Authority including indigenous weaponry and tools; What to do if you find injured wildlife plus playtime with 3 joeys and a Tawny Frogmouth Owl with New England Wildlife Rescue; Why and how to worm farm with Roger Abbott of BEST Employment; Reptiles and poetry with the “Lizard Wizard” – Alex Dudley; Why we Whack Weeds with Tom MacIndoe from Inverell Shire Council, and “Cat’s are Cute..... but” with Gwymac Landcare.

Evelyn Hoey – Assistant Principal of Ross Hill School said  

“the children had a very positive learning experience! We were impressed by the quality of the presenters and the variety of topics.”

            “all the kids had a ball as well as the speakers!”

said Roger Abbott of BEST Employment.

There will be a second “Eniro” Day held in May at the Reserve and all of the local schools will be invited to be involved.

Residents will soon notice action in and around the reserve with fencing and woody weed control to begin shortly. 

Nesting boxes for a diversity of animals will be installed and signage and walking paths will be established. 

Cat trapping will also be undertaken in the near future at the Reserve to reduce the feral and stray cat population decimating wildlife in the area. 

In order to protect your feline friends, please ensure they have been micro-chipped so that if trapped they may be returned home safe and sound.

Please contact Gwymac Landcare for more information.

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