Hands-on biology for local farmers

16th Mar 2016

Gwymac Landcare recently hosted a “3-day Bio-fert” course near Wallangra delivered by Regenerative Farming advocate and trainer Kym Kruse of RegenAG.


Third Generation farmer Steve Hunt who runs EU accredited Angus breeders on 1200 Ha at Coolatai who attended the course had this to say:

“The Regen AG Biofert course was a real game changer.

We have known for a few years that we were not getting the production response that we should have expected from our annual fertiliser program.

In just three days I have been able to learn not only what needs to be done to solve this problem but also how to do it myself at relatively low cost and importantly how to measure the health of our soils and our progress in returning them to health, again at very low cost.

It is a hands on course, the information is no more difficult than cooking from a recipe.

The only loser out of this is going to be chemical fertiliser companies.”


Another producer, this time with a grazing property at Delungra and also Good Rich Fruit Company’s Plum operation at Warroo in QLD -  Rowan Berecry had this to say:

                “In both operations there is a need to boost soil biological activity.

We are doing quite a bit of this in the orchard, but are still seeing some nutrient lockout in the soil. There is a clear need to push the biological activity to a higher level.

Kym Kruse from RegenAG supplied a number of fairly simple options to do just that.

All the biologicals can be done on farm, with relatively little up-front investment.

There is also the scope to upscale these to cover the larger areas without much more work. Another advantage was the ability to add a nutrient component, in a plant available form, to each brew.

We were also given some interesting methods of producing cheap, plant available nutrient mixes, without live biology, allowing longer term storage.

I now have some more tools to aid in pushing the operation to another level.

said Rowan.


Event Coordinator Sarah Pearce said

“After a presentation delivered by Kym at our YAPs (Young Ag. Professionals) weekend last year, we received numerous requests to get Kym back to deliver this course. 

Fortunately with thanks to support from Northern Tablelands Local Land Services through funding from the NSW Government, we were able to provide this course at a significantly reduced rate

said Sarah.


Trainer Kym Kruse of RegenAG said

“It was such a pleasure to run our first course in the Inverell region and meet such a diverse group of passionate farmers. Looking forward to hearing about all their success moving forward with these methodologies, and also to the next one coming up in May in Inverell! “


Sarah said:

Thanks to funding provided by New England North West Landcare, through funding received from the Australian Governments 25th Anniversary Landcare Grants, we are able to host Kym a second time in Inverell from the 10th the 12th of May this year. 


This course is almost booked out, so if you haven’t already been in touch with our office, please do so quickly as we only have a few places left!”


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