Kings Plains Chilean Needle Grass Project

1st Sep 2017

Chilean Needle Grass listed as a Weed of National Significance (WONS) is a threat to native grasslands and biodiversity.  In additions a lack of awareness of the species and how it is spread has lead to increased infestations on agricultural land.  Kings Plains Landcare Group are undertaking control and mangement of infestations in the area with a recently purchased QuckSpray Unit.  Funded through this project from Caring For Our Countrys Community Action Grants Program.


Chilean Needle Grass (Nassella neesiana) is a native of South America.  It builds up a large and persistant seed bank in the soil, thanks to its abundant panic;e, basal and stem seeds.

The Problem

Chilean Needle Grass is a highly invasive weed and has serious impact on agricultural and native ecosystems as well as riparian vegetation.  The panicle seed readily attaches to stock, particularly sheep, and can cause injury by burrowing into the skin and sometimes muscle.  Its presence in wool reduces quality and can be a major cause of downgrading.  Rehabilitation of infested land is very difficult.

(Northern Inland Weeds Advisory Committee - Weed Management Guide for North West NSW)

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