Landcare NSW welcomes Liberal National Party Landcare Policy

19th Mar 2015

16 March 2015

Landcare NSW welcomes the announcement by the Deputy Premier and National Party Leader Troy Grant

that an incoming Liberal National Government will introduce a comprehensive Landcare Support Program.

Chairman of Landcare NSW, Mr Rob Dulhunty, said: “This announcement is great news for the 60,000

volunteer Landcare members of 3000 groups across NSW. The renewal of State Government support for

Landcare will also be welcomed by the 93 percent of farmers who practise Landcare and the 73 percent of

farmers who identify as belonging to the Landcare movement.”

Landcare NSW supports the Liberal National policy to deliver a network of locally based coordinators. These

positions build partnerships, support local Landcare groups, source funds and facilitate the design and

implementation of local projects. “We are also pleased to see the Liberal National Party’s commitment to

Landcare NSW for the delivery of a central team which is essential to achieve an efficient, consistent and

coordinated statewide approach,” said Mr Dulhunty.

Landcare NSW welcomes the commitment from the Liberal National Party that if re-elected, they will work

with Landcare NSW regarding the details how the new program will be administered and structured. “These

decisions need to be made in partnership with the Landcare movement,” said Mr Dulhunty. “We look

forward to continuing the very constructive dialogue and positive relationship that has been developed with

the Government over the past few years.

The funding of $15m over four years is welcome and will improve Landcare’s capacity to contribute to State

agricultural, environmental and social targets. This funding is recognition that additional support for

Landcare is needed and is not designed to replace any current arrangements.

Landcare NSW will explore how this funding can be enhanced through consultation with a range of business,

philanthropic, community and government partners, including Local Land Services.

“We particularly welcome the Liberal National Party’s commitment to work with us to facilitate a transition

to financial stability to underpin the work of NSW Landcarers in perpetuity. “It’s likely we’ll see even bigger

environmental challenges in future so it’s crucial that the support needed by the volunteer movement is

funded on a long term basis. It will be a great legacy for the Government to put in place an enduring

solution to Landcare’s core infrastructural needs,” said Mr Dulhunty.

“Landcare is a partnership between Government and community and this investment into Landcare

infrastructure will help our volunteers and landholders to get on with the job of restoring the environment

and developing sustainable agricultural production.

“Landholders and community members volunteer their time and money, and take responsibility for

addressing challenges in natural resource management, farm productivity and nature conservation. They

will be very pleased to see their efforts formally recognised in this policy,” said Mr Dulhunty.