Weeds Away at Nullamanna

20th Apr 2016

As part of the 25th Anniversary of Landcare in 2015, the Nullamanna Landcare Group worked with Gwymac to submit an application for funding to control weeds on both the TSR at Nullamanna as well as on private property within the district.  The Nullamanna Landcare Group have a very long and active history and they are to be commended for their commitment to their community as well as their environment. 

The group held a working bee in April 2015 with a follow up workshop in October to address the issue of privet in the TSR along Frasers Creek, and although the group know that weed control is forever an ongoing issue, significant control has been achieved in partnership with the Northern Tablelands Local Land Services weeds officers in April and with the Inverell Shire Council weeds officer in October. 

Meanwhile, each of the seventeen landholders engaged in the weeds project committed many hours in the Spring of 2015 targeting weeds such as Silver Leaf Nightshade, Prickly Pear, Blackberry and Briar on their own properties as well as the Privet on the TSR.  By landholder estimates, over 140ac of Silver Leaf Nightshade has been treated across all properties with 60ac of Prickly Pear, 56ac of Blackberry and 170ac of Briar. 

The group would like to thank the Australian Government’s Department of the Environment for supporting their application to reduce threats to biodiversity at Nullamanna and the benefits of an integrated and coordinated program across numerous properties has been appreciated by the Nullamanna community.