YAPs Unite in Inverell

3rd Jun 2015

Recently Gwymac Landcare hosted a weekend conference in Inverell attracting close to 70 Young Farmers from across the region. 

 Event Coordinator Sarah Priest said

 “Though we could have taken a few more, we are very happy with the turn out.  All those who came along were keen to delve into the discussion surrounding the varied range of topics covered over the weekend.”

 “Feedback has been very positive, and Gwymac is now looking at the potential to deliver more specific courses and workshops stemming from interest and requests after presentations throughout the weekend”

 Said Sarah.

 Local farmer from Bukkulla and attendee Mick (Spike) Wall said

             “Both Kirsty and I thought it was a terrific weekend of networking and socialising with interesting and inspiring people.  We got a lot more out of it than we imagined.”

 Another local farmer, this time from Bundarra, Mike Palmer had this to say

 “It was an amazing weekend very informative, and a great chance to meet other farmers in the area.  I would recommend it highly to anyone who wants to put more in in get more out of their land”

 Representative of The Ascent Group, Lauren Davies said

            ‘I was so impressed by the energy and excitement of attendees even at the end of a big weekend full of information.  The Ascent Group was very happy with how the weekend went.”

 Landcare Coordinator Anya Salmon said

            ‘It was lovely to be able to spoil the attendees and see them all having a good time’