Bannockburn Landcare Group

Bannocburn Landcare Group is one of the longest running Landcare Groups in our area.  Bannockburn members enjoy regular meetings where previous, current and future projects are discused and include a a BBQ dinner and an assortment of beautifully prepared side dishes and desserts made by their members.

Anyone can join Bannockburn Landcare Group at a cost of $35/year per family or inidivual.  This will also include membership to Gwymac Inc. and funds towards meat for each of the meetings.

 Recent projects run by Bannockburn Landcare Group include:

  • Funded purchase of a Fertilizer Spreader through B-RG CMA
  • Bannockburn Landcare's Soil Health Project; and
  • Building Carbon in the landscape from the soil up

Just to name a few....



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